I've never met anyone like you before

24th February – 27th March 2012

Opening Times: Friday to Sunday  3 – 8 pm and by appointment

129Gallery is pleased to announce ‘I’ve never met anyone like you before’, a Group Exhibition of seven international artists utilising Installation, Video, and Sound Art.

The work of Dafni Barbageorgopoulou focuses on the mapping of sculptural forms into space and thus igniting a fusion of both ancient and futuristic qualities. Inspired by dream experiences and traveling, Barbageorgopoulou is investigating the ways in which materials can be constructed to obtain nuances of systems of mind and matter. She has created a new aluminium installation work entitled “Zzot” for the exhibition.

I have never met anyone like you before 1

The work of Sadie Weis is an amalgamation of experimental archetypes and a driven passion for effect and detail.  “The world inhabited by Weis exists on the fault-line of urban decay, the neon – apocalypse, and the simultaneous promise of it’s glorious, vibrant return”. Sadie presents her most recent sculpture entitled “The vessel in the void and the Holy Self” consisting of neon tubing, silicon, natural crystals, gems and other various found relics.

I have never met anyone like you before 2

Xavier Gavin’s video works show us intensely different sides of humanity. In his piece “The Box”, we are invited to crawl into a make shift tunnel he has constructed to watch the video work. Altering perception and playing with identity he has created a claustrophobic ritual.

I have never met anyone like you before 3

Susanne Gerber states she is always aesthetically interested in leftovers and marginalized topics - things out of focus. Utilising different materials she creates very abstract reliefs, which in the eye of the spectator reveals immediately the female body. Her “Body hair series 1 to 4” is exhibited in the gallery.

I have never met anyone like you before 4

Adam’s Kahan’s project “Synaesthesia” is exhibited; the piece explores how it is possible to visualize sound through manual and analogue methods. The sound translating sculpture is displayed along with a screen print above that has been created from the method of translating sound.

I have never met anyone like you before 5

In her audio pieces Mia Frimmer explores the aptness of social conventions, she dissects promises from politics and advertising and slithers into the intimate world of inner thoughts of the insecure and “washed-up.” Collaborating with composer and guitarist Silvia Ocougne, on her exhibited piece “And any idea how hard she can get”. The piece can be heard through a pair of headphones hanging from the gallery ceiling; if we follow the cable along we arrive at a locked door.

I have never met anyone like you before 6

We encourage the viewer to take the time to really get beneath the surface of the work, the space and the gallery itself. It is when the viewer explores the deeper, sometimes hard to find territories of the work that they may discover the most rewarding and poignant elements.   

I have never met anyone like you before 7
Installation Shots
I have never met anyone like you before 8
Installation Shots