Multiplicity 2: The Great Affordable Print Show

5th October – 3rd November 2012

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Opening Times: Friday to Sunday  3 – 8 pm and by appointment

Due to the phenomenal success of Multiplicity; The Great Affordable Print Show last summer, we are pleased to present Multiplicity 2.

A show of fifty international artists comprising of Painters, Print Artists, Photographers, Video, Conceptual and Installation Artists. Each artist presents one individual Print Edition.

Inspired by the 17th century Salon style, the show shares the same objective of making art accessible to a large and diverse audience.

We encourage the idea that anyone can become a collector, irrespective of his or her financial status. To achieve this, we set a maximum fee of thirty-five euros for each print. We are looking to cultivate art collectors, one could say even grow them.

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By focusing on the limited edition print, we celebrate the idea that the multiplicity of reproduction produces its own qualities and values.

“History of multiples is the history of the emancipation from the idea of the original, the of the release from the aura of the artist's sacrificed act of creation, in the way it developed since the beginning of this century. More than every other category of art the multiple reflects social and political change of the world in this century: the problems with democracy.”

Rene Block, Galerist, Berlin, in "Kunst ohne Unikat - Multiple und Sampling als Medium" edited by Peter Weibel im Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König 1998

Gaye Black / Aimee Bogacz / Alicia Carrera / The Continuity Group / Luigi De Simone / Jean Feline / Bárbara Fonseca / Yasuko Fujioka / Susanne Gerber / Alice Gibney / Nadine Hattom / Vincent Heyninck / Alexandra Jasper / Carolin Kastner / Nina Kelm / Nana Kreft / Andre Lamb / Eva Langhorst / Ian Liddle / Liz Little / Romain Malauzat / Moritz Mattern / Kenneth McGinley / Anastasia Mikheeva / Alice Morey / Frank Nagel / Jo Nagel / Franziskus Nakajima / Robin Oo / Sung Eun Park / Oliver Parzer / Arthur Patching / Paulushaus / Sebastian Pelz / Lisa Premke / Tom Backe Rasmussen / Abe Rechterschot / Sabine Redlich / Elke Reinhuber / Sebastian Schmieg / Oliver Shaw / Sylvia Souffriau / Ed Spence / Daniela Spoto / Joulia Strauss / Cameron Tauschke / Elsa Thorp / Lindsay Tunkl / Peter Weibel / Sadie Weis

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